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You can now call me Hailey Snow Towery. I was just married in April of 2015!
​I was born in Sandy, Utah, grew up in Naperville, Illinois and am now located in Sandy, Utah.   

​ I have been creative since day one. I started out my career wanting to be an artist. I was at the top in my class. As I began school and continuing my education I finally realized that I wasn’t going anywhere with an art degree and that I needed to be in the beauty industry.   

Growing up around my mom being a cosmetologist and Nail Technician, I knew that I already loved to do hair!  I also knew that I was good at it. I feel like my artistic background has really enhanced my creativity in doing hair.   

During the process of hair education at Aveda Institute Provo, I was honored to meet Danielle White at Sojo Salon in South Jordan. There, I learned about Natural Beaded Rows. And I became obsessed. I am obsessed with her hair coloring and hair extensions all together! She is truly talented!   

Natural Beaded Rows are truly amazing and I stand behind the method 100 percent.   

​ I absolutely love my career! I would never change it for the World! The best part about coming to a salon is when you leave feeling like a celebrity. And that is my goal with every single client. ​

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Hailey Snow​ Towery 

Hair Extension Specialist in Utah

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